Dr ben choey review

Hi happygolucky, I was at NUH last year when I was preggie. The doctors there are nice, but the thing I really dun like is the extremely long waiting time. And I’m not seeing the most famous or the highest level gynae there. Waiting time is at least 45 mins each time even with an apptm. And if you are sick that day n call for an apptm, high chance u will never get a slot, they are really busy. I had a m/c in the end, to see the gynae, I had to go through A&E.. Being someone with a little less patience, it wasnt a really good experience for me there.. But really depends on what perks you have there and if you have the patience to wait. NUH price is comparable to the pte gynae outside, not any cheaper..
No harm seeing a gynae first, at least can see if you are comfortable with this person.

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