Iju urban dictionary

There are almost 3,000 words and combinations of letters describing race, sexual orientation, profanity, body parts, religious and political affiliations that are banned from appearing on personalized licence plates in the province, CBC News has learned.

Staff at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, part of the Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations department, determine what can and cannot be placed on licence plates — a list that is currently 2,966 words long. The list was obtained by CBC News through the Freedom of Information Act.

Many of the banned plates have a religious base. Some of them include:

  • GOD
  • JEW
  • PEW

Also on the list is the acronym ‘IXOYE,’ which stands for Jesus Christ Son of God and Saviour in Greek. That was the licence plate requested by Rhonda Lynn Cormier-Clarke, a Nova Scotia woman who wanted to get the letters on the back of her Fiat.

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